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"oGoing digital marketing services have helped more than double our business during the last two plus years. I highly recommend their affordable local marketing services for small and growing businesses." 

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Why Digital Marketing Matters?

*Our Affordable Marketing Plans Begin at $400 per month. Less than a tenth of the cost of hiring a marketing expert.

oGoing Team Will Explode Your Lead Generation

  • Grow quality website traffic, build online visibility, secure first page search ranking and attract real customers
  • Plan, strategize and execute multi-channel digital marketing campaigns that deliver the ROI and KPIs
  • Manage integrated digital marketing solution that enhances your reputation and makes business sense
  • ​​Provide marketing services on Google, Facebook, Bing, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Yahoo and Yelp that cost incredibly less than marketing agencies and gets your business ready for Digital Transformation*

Search advertising and display marketing are critical to finding the right buyers at the right time when they are showing intent. However, what happens after your buyer clicks on your ad and goes to your website or landing page? Do they convert?​​

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Marketing automation  is the promised land of digital marketing. But when you automate your campaigns, how do you make sure your customers engage and connect? Are you in tune with their changing behaviors and needs?

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Partial oGoing Client List

 "It's great to have oGoing as our social media marketing partner. oGoing promoted TriTech Small Business Development Center on oGoing and major social media networks, enhanced our brand and online presence, and attracted many new entrepreneurs and business owners to our programs."

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Your Blog provides an important place to share original thought-provoking content that engages and generates further interest from your customers. Are you blogging regularly and providing knowledge and insights that your customers can benefit from?

Still Doing Marketing the Old Way?

Video marketing , Live Videos and Stories are the current hot trends in mobile. Everyone is creating great videos. Are customers watching your videos on YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and taking action?​ How often and what type of videos do you share?

Comprehensive Digital Marketing Services

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Email marketing  is another vital piece of the digital marketing puzzle; it starts with building a quality  opt-in list of your prospects and customers, and then following-up with great campaigns that result in conversions. How often do you email?

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Your Reputation means  everything nowadays, and prospective customers want to know how much you are loved. How many five-star reviews are you consistently getting on Google, Yelp, Facebook, Amazon and key social media networks? 

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Want To Acquire More Customers with Digital Marketing Services?

  • oGoing is the nation's leading local business community. We live and breathe digital marketing.
  • oGoing team has been successfully managing digital marketing for clients for over nine years.
  • Our comprehensive marketing services include: Website marketing, SEO, Social media, Search advertising, Email marketing, Content marketing, Local and Mobile marketing, Apps marketing, Video marketing, Podcast marketing, Display advertising, PPC, SEM, SMO & Marketing Analytics
  • oGoing is a recognized leader in social media, search, digital marketing solutions and consulting services.
  • oGoing founder & CEO has trained and consulted over 1,000 business owners on digital marketing.
  • oGoing has been Facebook, Apple, Google, IBM, LinkedIn, Twitter, Microsoft, Salesforce, Cisco, Amazon trusted partner.

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Your website  is the starting point, and the content needs to be "actively pushed" in front of your target customers (the world has over 1 billion websites begging for your customers' attention).​ Are customers  finding your website, and once they do, are they leaving your website without doing business?

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Mark Mitchell, Director
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Having These Marketing Challenges?

1. If you build it (website), they will come (customers). We built our website!

     We don't know who's coming when and leaving...
2. We paid an SEO company lot of money, and nothing happened! 
     We didn't get 1st position, didn't get any leads, and wasted $$$.
3. We are on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.
     Where's the promised social media engagement and traction?
4. We started our blog with fanfare, and began posting articles. 
     How come no one's noticing and interacting?
5. We spent money on search, display and social advertising. 
     Where are the hot leads? How come the conversion is so poor?
6. We were promised first page keyword ranking on Google, Bing, Yahoo ...
     It didn't really help with website traffic and sales.
7. We have clients who give us more bad reviews than good reviews. 
     How can we course correct and get more 5-star reviews?

Lily Otieno, President
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Buena Park, Orange County

​​​​Social media marketing and social advertising provide emotion and voice to digital marketing. Social networks help you connect and engage with your customers, personally and frequently. Social advertising helps you grow your brand and find new clients affordably. 

SEO  aka Search Engine Optimization is the critical piece of online marketing. It's imperative that your website ranks first on search engines including Google, Bing, Yahoo for your desired keywords, and get found by your customers first, before they find your competition. How many customers go to the second page?

Why choose oGoing for Managing your Digital Marketing?

"I would highly recommend oGoing to any companylooking to quickly and efficiently tackle their online marketing needs, large or small. We asked oGoing team to help us drive marketing and attendee participation for our Mastering Business Growth workshops sponsored by SoCalGas. Our event registration exceeded by over 100%and our business generated 30% more attendee participation than the previous year."

STOP Trying Ad-Hoc Marketing!

Want To Succeed In Today's Digital Marketing Marketplace?

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Ten Benefits of Digital Marketing

  • Connects You with Customers on the Internet (over 70% connect)
  • Generates Higher Conversion Rates (from leads to deals)
  • Saves You Money over Traditional Marketing (over 40% businesses save)
  • Enables Real-Time Customer Service (direct connection with clients)
  • Connects You with the Mobile Consumer (over 50% use smartphones)
  • Helps  Generate Higher Revenues (compared to traditional efforts)
  • Delivers Higher ROI from Your Campaigns (and can be measured)
  • Keeps You ahead of your Competitors (beat the competition)
  • Helps You Compete with Large Corporations (makes you appear BIG)
  • Prepares You for Digital Transformation (as more people get online)